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released June 9, 2015



all rights reserved


Max Wareham, Kevin Johnson, and Paul Willson Paradise, Nevada

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Track Name: Simply Circuits
Yes you are right when you say
That I am not afraid
The path has already been laid
And there’s no other way
But the choice-lessness becomes the real freedom

Yes we are in love
We are always in love
It’s got nothing and everything to do
With us
I know it’s real though
I can’t always see or feel it

Whenever I forget
You remind me of it
Wherever we may be
The world reveals its beauty
It so easy to see
To feel to be
When you’re with me

But it’s true too
That times I’ve been
And I may be again
Afraid of a time when
I feel I’ve lost a best friend

Its then that I’ll remember
Your prayer we shared

That we may fully be
Open in simple devotion
Simply circuits for love
Track Name: Not Yet Free
If you hold your breath now if you make believe
That closing your eyes will save you from what you see
That the monsters under your bed will leave you be

And If you want to know
yet you shy from the mirror
What makes you expect a vision that's clear
And how could you be
surprised when you see
that a stranger is here

I wanted to love more patiently
I'm sorry, forgive me

You are exactly as you should be
And you're beautiful to me

But words can be golden and talk still be cheap
If we say we're awake
When we're really asleep
In shadows and shallows
yet claiming the light and the deep

I've got to be honest
Not just rose and kiss
Unless it is total
it's not really bliss
I can't put my soul in
Unless it is whole and
I'm sure of this

I want to love completely
That only can be
If we fully see

We are exactly as we should be but we are not yet free
Track Name: I See You (featuring Abakis)
I see you, I see you
You may not recognize yourself
But I do

I’m with you, I’m with you
It doesn’t matter what you do
I’m with you

Surely as all things must pass
You’ll make it through

Let the spirit carry you, let the spirit carry you
Rest your heart in its embrace
Let the spirit carry you

Lay your weary body down
And let your mind go free
There’s no place or person to be

So let your weary body rest
And let your mind go free
There’s no place or person to be

I love you, I love you
And it’s never gonna run out
I love you